The silent treatment

We ended our post (here) with the topic of the silent treatment. The silent treatment is both physically and mentally challenging to face so it is best that we avoid such a situation however, it is important to prepare for the situation.

The first thing you need to do is go into recovery mode. Find the exact point where everything started to change. That is the point where you did or said or potentially did and said something wrong. You may not even realise that you crossed the boundary so, pay close attention to everything that you did leading to that point. Once you pinpoint the specific action, apologise quickly. The apology must be specific like, “I’m sorry I did or said that.” Admit that it was your mistake. A general apology will not cut it as they know that you have no clue what your mistake was.

After apologising, wait a few minutes (or hours) for the storm to subside. Give her some space and do little things like getting her a glass of water. Do not bring up the issue again unless she brings it up.

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