Reprimanding Children

Every developmental stage is important and they come with their own unique sets of challenges. Many will agree that the adolescents and teenage years are when youth are at their most rebellious period. They key is to win them earlier on, before they reach that stage. You want them to have a certain respect for you when they turn teenagers or else, it will always be an uphill battle.

One of the areas that we can look at is how we can address them when they make mistakes. No one likes to be scolded or shouted at all the time so, they tend to just switch off whenever that happens. And when we try to advise them gently, they choose to not listen because they are sick and tired of being shouted at every time but if we start talking to them in a kind, gentle but firm manner ever since they are young whenever they do something wrong, they will grow up more willing to listen. They learn that it’s normal to make mistakes and to be compassionate to others who make mistakes and to correct them graciously.

It is not an easy task especially when we are angry but we will discuss how we can achieve this in a later post.

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